#MANCRUSHMONDAY 5|21 @ridesupplycompany

      Skurrrrrrttttt Skurtttt 🏍💨🔥 BBCO’s #MANCRUSHMONDAY Ridin’ thru!! This weeks Man Crush goes out to a pair of crush worthy gentlemen named Tony & Blue!

Tony & Blue work over at The Ride Supply Company, specializing in MotorSport Swag & Bike Supplies. We sat with Tony & Blue so they can tell us a little about who they are, what they believe & for them to give us any advice on being young entrepreneurs. 

Starting in 2017 out of Mira Loma, California, @ridesupplycompany (instagram) has quickly become a staple in the biker community. Running a small business take a lot of effort, and entrepreneurs need to find motivation in their work to keep pushing forward. So what motivates Blue & Tony? Both agree that their motivation is “the Bike Life Community.” They go on saying that the biker community is, “so supportive, so we seek to better ourselves daily for them.” If that’s not a reason to support their small business, I don’t know what is. The Biker community is full of love, support & passion... & The Ride Supply Co. exudes those exact same qualities.  


We chose Blue & Tony as our #ManCrushMonday because they are Day One #BBCO supporters! We truly thank them for having our backs & supporting us as we grow too! During the interview, we asked Tony & Blue for some advice as new business owners & they said, “for up & coming entrepreneurs, our advice is to do it your way! Be as original as possible!” We agree! Making sure our businesses & products originality stand out is ESSENTIAL! Their advice over the past few months has been key for our business growth. So, how could we not #mancrush on two men willing to help women entrepreneurs RIGHT?! 😍😍😍 we gotta love them!

In return for their guidance, let’s show these gentlemen some support! Ride Supply Co. has Merch for both Men & Women so no one gets left out! Their sick graphic tees are what you need to be wearing if you plan on taking a ride anytime soon! Shop with them Now @ www.ridesupplyco.com to purchase & be sure to follow them on Instagram @ridesupplycompany



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