Heatwave in Los Angeles? Here’s 9 MUST-HAVES for your Beach Retreat from the Heat!! With temperatures reaching 115 in the Inland Empire this weekend, it’s a NO BRAINER to pack up the car, grab your BBCO #SUMMASTUNNA Sunnies & hit the Beach with your Squad.  I put together a list of MUST-HAVES to make sure that you can stay refreshed & relaxed while you have some fun in the sun !☀️

1. Number one is ALWAYS Sunscreen. High temps & prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin, so you should definitely put on sunscreen 30-45 minutes BEFORE any sun exposure. My fav Sunscreen to use is the Banana Boat Dry Balance Spf 30 Sunscreen Spray. The spray-mist canister makes application easy, & it has a very fresh scent, unlike many other sunscreens!

2. DIY Green Tea Facial Mist: Super easy to make! Steep 1 bag of Green Tea for 15-20 minutes, pour tea into an empty spray bottle, add 2-5 drops of Vitamin E oil & SHAKE VIGOROUSLY! This Do-it-Yourself Mist spray will keep your body cool, & your skin refreshed+energized while soaking up all that Vitamin D! I love to add a few ice cubes in the bottle before use to get it extra cold! 

3. BIKINIS! BIKINIS! BIKINIS! You've already picked out the caption for your post, & your IG Story is gonna be poppin' today... so make sure your swimwear BRINGS THAT HEAT 🔥🔥🔥 Head on over to our SHOP SECTION above for discounts on ALL SWIMWEAR & FREE SHIPPING ON ALL U.S. ORDERS! Our best-selling #BeachBABE one-piece & the #MaryJane Bikini are two swimsuits that anybody would look great in! Also, #BBCO now offers a Mobile Delivery Service that allows our customers to make purchases in person when the #BBCOStreetTeam is in your area! Be on the lookout on our IG + FACEBOOK for updates on the street teams next location.

4. Umbrellas or Pop-Up Tents! We're all trying to get our tan on of course, but remembering to take breaks in the shade could help you obtain that golden brown color, without the burn! Take a foldable Beach Umbrella, or go big with a Pop-Up Tent to kick back under so you can reduce your amount of sun exposure throughout the day. Use this time to drink lots of water & hydrate! Your body & skin will appreciate it!

5. TURN THE BEATS UP WITH A PORTABLE SPEAKER!!!!! You’ve been adding dope songs to your playlists all year for this very moment, so don’t forget to pack a portable speaker to get the party started. I just found out the  Beats Pill+ allows multiple users to connect at once, making it super easy for you & your friends to take turns Djay’ng all day. Looking for a more affordable speaker option? The Photive M90 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Built In Subwoofer has GREAT reviews, is lightweight & under the $50 price range. 

6. Solar-Powered Portable Charging Bank: This is a must have for sure! Not only can you use this Solar Powered charging bank for your beach day, but also at outdoor music festivals, when you go camping.. basically any outdoor activity! I can’t tell you how useful these chargers were @ Coachella omggg 😍😍Just go ahead & Add to Cart here —> Ayyie Solar Charger 10000mAh Solar Power Bank Portable External Battery Pack Dual USB Solar Phone Charger 

7. Ice Chest Cooler: Hot days call for ICE COLD DRINKS! Whether your sippin’ on some H2O, or chugging a beer before the Beach Patrol catches you... a cooler is def needed! Tip: Make a stop @ WinCo or Smart&Final on your way to the beach to pick up some Dry Ice blocks to put at the bottom of your ice chest. This will ensure you snacks & drinks stay cool ALL DAY. 

8. Portable Folding Cot + Chairs: don’t like laying on the Sand? Bring a portable cot & chairs along! A portable cot has easy set-up & can be put together in less that 5 minutes! Use it to lay out & sunbathe, as a table, or whatever you’d like! Lightweight & affordable, you can purchase one here —-> Portable Folding Camping Cot w/Steel Frame 

9. Blankets & light Jacket: I know this sounds crazy considering that it’s going to be 100+ degrees outside, but you’ll thank me when it’s 7pm, the bonfire is about to start & the wind chill picks up by the water! Stay prepared so that you don’t have to end the night early!

Hope this list of Beach Day Must-Haves is useful for you this weekend! Leave a comment letting me know what your MUST HAVES are when you hit the beach. Don’t forget to check out our shop section @  www.beautynblissco for All Women’s Swimwear, Dresses & Accessories with FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Enjoy the Sun this weekend, STAY HYDRATED, and try not to complain TOO much on twitter about the Heatwave!

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